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Otherworld Dreaming

The Seed of Love is Courage.

19 October
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In a nutshell: I'm a twenty-something college student, aspiring writer, absentee aunt, loyal friend, unrepentant pagan, frequent purveyor of impropriety, accidental connoisseur of life's weirdness, proud member of Loki's Rapscallious Hussy Brigade, and occasional dragon. I don't bite, unless you ask very nicely and wash the area thoroughly beforehand. I've named my car Seregil and my computer Samwise, both of which suit their personalities right down to the ground. I sometimes do things for the lulz, if I'm sure I can get away with it. And all of this probably means I'm either your best friend or your worst enemy. Care to flip a coin?

WARNING: This journal may contain copious amounts of swearing, innuendos, hot man-sex, pointless rambling, inside jokes, vitriol, and really off-the-wall religious experiences. Read at your own risk, and don't come crying to me if you stumble across something you happen to find offensive. Actually, DO come crying to me--Samwise thrives on a steady diet of drama and wangst, and the whiny teenagers I've been running him off of are getting a little past their sell-by date. (Kidding! ...Partially.)